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Jane Migliore and I began working together in 2008 when I was Manager of Integrated Marketing at Rose Associates and engaged La Luna Productions to do creative for development projects. We made an excellent team, collaborating well and successfully. Our ability to deliver the best possible creative, combining both strong brand identity and marketing strategy, resulted in the formation of 810 CREATIVE. My experience on the developer side allows for unique perspective. We don't just offer innovative design and the latest technologies, we offer deep insight into the challenges our clients face everyday. 

—Kirsten Risko, Founder & Owner

founder & owner

Kirsten heads up strategy at 810 and conceptualizes marketing initiatives across all agency brands. As former marketing director for leading development firms, Kirsten's depth of relevant knowledge provides our clients with insightful and innovative marketing strategies, giving them the edge in a hyper-competitive real estate market.

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creative director & partner
Jane Migliore

Jane leads the creative vision of 810 by designing impactful brand identities and cross-channel campaigns. With a diverse background in big brand advertising and real estate marketing, Jane inspires our clients by showing them how the combination of bold creative and a unique approach to every project drives results.

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